"Тот, кто твердо уверен в направлении своих желаний и отваживается жить так, как мечтает, неизбежно и внезапно встретится со своим успехом".
(Генри Дэвид Сорэя, Henry David Thoreau)

среда, 12 августа 2009 г.

Глобальная языковая революция с EN101!

We are The Global Language Revolution!

We have had questions from a lot of members and their potential clients, of our previous emails regarding the number of languages we teach and we realized that we have made an understatement regarding all the features that we have to offer.

En101's product is superb (as we have been told from our many satisfied customers from around the world).

EN101 was originally an English only product in the beginning but over the last 4 1/2 years it has evolved into a premier multi-lingual learning program.

We currently teach 9 languages ... from beginner levels to intermediate and advanced... and our program is translated into many more languages!

Our curriculum:

English100 Chapters (Beginner to Advanced + Business, U.S. Citizenship study material and College entrance study material)
Spanish100 Chapters (Beginner to Advanced)
Mandarin86 Chapters (Beginner to Advanced - learn to write Chinese characters!)
Japanese30 Chapters (Beginner)
German60 Chapters (Beginner to Intermediate)
Korean50 Chapters (Beginner to Intermediate)
French50 Chapters (Beginner to Intermediate)
Russian100 Chapters(Beginner to Advanced)
Latvian56 Chapters (Beginner to Intermediate)

EN101 is not just a global company, it is a golden opportunity!

The marketability is incredible! What other product can you sell across borders, and have it delivered instantly with 24 hour access and the ability to teach the entire world?

Our reps are second to none... and the Earning and Learning capability is phenomenal.

Experience - as many others have - the four, five or six figure earnings for yourself or supplement your existing weekly income by sharing EN101 on a part-time basis.

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